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Piper Aztec PA 23-250 Aerial Survey Aircraft

The Piper Aztec series aircraft dates back to it’s predecessor, the Piper Apache, which made its first flight in 1954. Piper substantially improved the Apache design, making such revisions as adding larger engines, and then introduced the Aztec model in 1962. This aircraft was classified as a light twin and carried a pilot and up to five passengers. Due to the user friendly characteristics of this Aztec model, many of these aircraft found their way into twin engine flight training roles and many of today’s professional pilots received their multi-engine ratings in these aircraft. This was by far the most popular light twin engine aircraft built by Piper. When production ceased in 1982, a total of 4,930 Aztecs had been manufactured.

Due to the economics of ownership and operational costs, the Piper Aztec is the most widely used twin engine aircraft for aerial surveying applications. The aircraft has an excellent safety record, is easy to fly, and has very high load limits which allows for carrying a substantial amount of aerial surveying equipment.

Aerial Viewpoint – Piper Aztec PA 23-250 Specifications:
Flight Duration: 5.0 Hours
Range: 800+ Miles
Economy Cruise Speed: 165 MPH
Maximum Ceiling Altitude: 16,000
Camera Port Modification: 20” Diameter Camera Port to accommodate our Leica RC-10 and RC-30 series survey cameras.
Electrical System Modifications: This aircraft has alternator conversion for additional electrical requirements.




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