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Piper Navajo PA 31 310 Aircraft

The Piper Navajo series aircraft began production in 1967. A total run of 2,044 aircraft were manufactured until production ceased in 1983. These aircraft were originally built as executive transport aircraft and carried a total of 6 to 8 passengers, depending on cabin configuration.

Due to the sturdiness of this airframe, the use of these aircraft evolved to provide a new role in civilian aviation. These aircraft are now globally deployed in use for freight operations, on-demand air charter and taxi services, and are also widely used in the aerial survey industry.

Aerial Viewpoint - Piper Navajo Specifications:
Flight Duration: 7.5 hours (at higher altitudes)
Flight Range: 1,600 miles
Cruise Speed: 215+ MPH
Maximum Ceiling Altitude: 25,000’

Aerial Viewpoint’s Piper Navajo has been modified with a recessed camera port to utilize a super wide angle (88mm focal length) lens. Other useful modifications to our Piper Navajo include the addition of long range nacelle fuel tanks that greatly extend the range and duration, as well as a Garmin GPS-530, full IFR approach certified GPS System.


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